Are you a motorbike club?

No, we are not. We are a branding group which is the ZX14R, ZZR and GTR motorcycles. We are exclusive K1400 machines. We dont have rules and regulations although we assist with guidelines in certain areas of our activities.

Are there any membership fees applicable?


I need advice how to setup the suspension to my body weight, I do not intend to use it for racing or hard riding but more for comfort (on our unique South African roads) and safety. At the moment its set way too hard. The bike is a 2015 performance sport öhlins edition and I weigh 70kg (I hope after December) 

This is a very important and good question. We will definitely advice you to approach a specialist in this topic to assist you.

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Do you own or carry a patch?

No we don't! Some members in this group were tasked to investigate such a process but basically was never completed and I in person(founder of this group) is totally up to date regarding this process in SA and as founder simply don't want to follow any club for what ever reason because we are different , we are not a club  and the branding number is the only identification we follow. You may read more about the motorbike culture in SA regarding clubs, but its a fact that groups like this one still need to be researched and we can add value since we are in existence since 2008 with lots of experience behind us.

Does your organization have access to ZX 14 bike parts? 

No, we don't have set, specific, organized access to zx14 spares other than members sharing, classifieds and bike dealers